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Global Game Jam 2015

On January 23rd to 25th, 28,837 people from around the world gathered together at 518 jam sites to spend 48 hours creating video games at the 2015 Global Game Jam.  Programmers, musicians, artists, writers and more got together into teams and made some crazy games. My team consisted of (from left to right in the photo) […]

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Quadcopter Long Exposure Pictures

I recently bought a cheap quadcopter (the Syma x11) as a first step towards building and programming my own quadcopter.  This last weekend, I took some long exposure shots of me flying it in the dark.

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Light Controller Update

“Okay Google, Turn on my lights!” That’s how a majority of my days start now, thanks to Light Controller and LimitlessLED. Over the last week, I’ve been working on a fork of a LimitlessLED lightbulb controller app I found on Github. I wanted to add some interface touch ups and fix a few features too. […]

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Update to Cardboard Home

Thanks to some suggestions from users on Reddit, I have just implemented several new features in Cardboard Home, and pushed the update to the Google Play Store. This new version includes some neat new features including a new volume adjustment panel, an option to disable the hardware volume buttons, a blacklist to force apps to […]

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First release of Cardboard Home

I just finished up the last few basic features of Cardboard Home, and have now made it available for download on the Google Play Store. I had been having some trouble getting the gyroscopic head tracking and magnetic “button” to work because my phone didn’t have the hardware to support those features so I was […]

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OnePlus One stop motion unboxing video

Yesterday, I received my new phone, the rare OnePlus One! I ended up buying an invite to purchase this phone off of eBay (regretfully, as I was offered one for free only a day later). So far, I have greatly enjoyed this new phone, and the physical size, which I had originally questioned, has turned […]

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Photos from trip up north

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Cardboard Home

Recently, I started work on a new app for Android called Cardboard Home. Cardboard Home is an Android launcher designed for use with the Google Cardboard virtual reality headset. Cardboard Home is intended to replace a regular launcher when the user places their device inside a Google Cardboard viewer. Unlike a regular launcher, Cardboard Home uses […]

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Releasing Space Zombies for Android

Space Zombies, originally a game I designed in Java for computers, has finally been released on mobile. I originally started work on porting Space Zombies to Android using Java and the built in canvas renderer, but found that was too unreliable on anything but the best phones, so I started work on rewriting Space Zombies […]

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New app, Sole Champion, is on the Google Play Store

My first Android app, Sole Champion, is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Sole Champion is an augmented reality game that allows the player to take the action into their world, and play the game on their kitchen table, a desk, or even, given large enough AR cards, the roof of a […]

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