Light Controller Update

“Okay Google, Turn on my lights!” That’s how a majority of my days start now, thanks to Light Controller and LimitlessLED. Over the last week, I’ve been working on a fork of a LimitlessLED lightbulb controller app I found on Github. I wanted to add some interface touch ups and fix a few features too. […]

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Cardboard Home

Recently, I started work on a new app for Android called Cardboard Home. Cardboard Home is an Android launcher designed for use with the Google Cardboard virtual reality headset. Cardboard Home is intended to replace a regular launcher when the user places their device inside a Google Cardboard viewer. Unlike a regular launcher, Cardboard Home uses […]

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Releasing Space Zombies for Android

Space Zombies, originally a game I designed in Java for computers, has finally been released on mobile. I originally started work on porting Space Zombies to Android using Java and the built in canvas renderer, but found that was too unreliable on anything but the best phones, so I started work on rewriting Space Zombies […]

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SpaceZombies released to Github

Today, I committed the initial release of SpaceZombies, a top-down space shooter, to Github.  SpaceZombies features my brand new particle engine, which includes dynamically colored particles, fading, particle emitters, randomized particle spreading, and removal of particles after a fixed amount of time. If you wish to download SpaceZombies in an executable jar file, you can […]

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