Update to Cardboard Home

Thanks to some suggestions from users on Reddit, I have just implemented several new features in Cardboard Home, and pushed the update to the Google Play Store. This new version includes some neat new features including a new volume adjustment panel, an option to disable the hardware volume buttons, a blacklist to force apps to […]

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SpaceZombies released to Github

Today, I committed the initial release of SpaceZombies, a top-down space shooter, to Github.  SpaceZombies features my brand new particle engine, which includes dynamically colored particles, fading, particle emitters, randomized particle spreading, and removal of particles after a fixed amount of time. If you wish to download SpaceZombies in an executable jar file, you can […]

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Initial release of starfoxPC

Today, starfoxPC has been released and is now available for download at http://starfox.0rleans.com.  It is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Android. StarfoxPC is my final project for GITA 4: AP Computer Science, which I worked on with Josh Gibbs, Bryan Clark, and Christine Fang.  We started this project in April of this year, […]

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