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Quadcopter Long Exposure Pictures

I recently bought a cheap quadcopter (the Syma x11) as a first step towards building and programming my own quadcopter.  This last weekend, I took some long exposure shots of me flying it in the dark.

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Photos from trip up north

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Photos from trip to beach

I took these on a trip to the beach with some friends. I like the noise in the barge picture, it makes me think of pointillism.

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Pictures from Arches National Park

I took these pictures on a family trip to Arches National Park. To say there’s some really impressive rock structures is a real understatement.

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Photos from my family’s trip to Yosemite

These pictures are from my family’s trip to Yosemite National Park over this spring break.  I took a day long photography class while there from the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite Village.

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Pictures from my trip to Colorado

I took these pictures with my aunt on a trip to Colorado. We went around to many places in Colorado Springs including The Garden of the Gods, a downtown Catholic church, and a few parks.

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Photos from bike race

These are some pictures from a bike race that a friend was racing in.

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People shots at Fullerton Pumpkin Launch

This set of pictures was focusing on portraiture. More specifically, I attempted to remove distractions in the background from most of the shots by use of depth of field.

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Pictures from trip to San Francisco

This was my first decent set of pictures since I got my second-hand Pentax K100D. I took these in San Francisco when I went there to visit family.

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