First release of Cardboard Home

icon_fullresI just finished up the last few basic features of Cardboard Home, and have now made it available for download on the Google Play Store. I had been having some trouble getting the gyroscopic head tracking and magnetic “button” to work because my phone didn’t have the hardware to support those features so I was just blindly guessing at what was going wrong, but this last Friday, I received my new phone, the OnePlus One, which supports all of these features and more. Since then, I’ve gotten these features working, pushed the changes to Github, and published Cardboard Home on the Play Store.

One addition to Cardboard Home that was particularly interesting to design was the voice recognition. With the pro version of Cardboard Home, a user can speak to the app to launch apps. The format for this follows something like this:

         "Okay cardboard"
       /        |          \
  "open"   "preferences"   "exit"
"launch"    "settings"     "close"
  "play"    "options"      "quit"
 "start"        |          "stop"
 "begin"   open settings     |
    |                        |
    |                      exit app
    "app name" -> launch app

When a command is recognized, the phone will vibrate to immediately acknowledge, and then will follow the request.
I still haven’t gotten to see if my implementation of the NFC launching system works, as I haven’t yet gotten any programmable NFC chips.

Get it on Google Play

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